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Teen Prayer Group

Support us!

We appreciate all individuals, businesses and churches who support us.
Here are some different ways in which you can support Melville-Knox Aberdeen.


As a completely new start-up school we depend greatly on God's providence and grace. Therefore, we appreciate every individual and any churches who pray for us.

If you are not already, please consider including our staff, board members and pupils in your prayers as we are hoping to see this school grow and flourish. You can email us if you would like specific prayer requests or sign up to our newsletter here.

Donating used toys, games & books

Prayer is not the only way you can support us. We currently need donations of used toys, games and books which are in good condition. They should be suitable for children between 5 and 11 years of age and content should be in-line with a biblical world-view. If you have anything you would like to donate, you can email us at and someone will be in touch to arrange how and when we will receive your donations. 


Financial support 

We appreciate anyone who chooses to support us financially. You can give one-off donations or choose to make regular payments to us.
For one-off donations contact us and we will pass on our bank details to you. You can also send us a cheque, payable for Melville-Knox Christian School Aberdeen, to our address at Grace Reformed Church, Long Walk Road, AB16 5QQ, Aberdeen. 
If you would like to give regularly, please contact us to receive our bank details so you can set up regular donations to us. 

Please let us know if you are eligible for Gift Aid. If you are, the government will add 25% to whatever you gift us. 

2023 Giving 

For 2023 we have put together a list of expenses which you could help us cover with your donations. You can choose to contribute to a certain type of expense, so you know what we will use your money for. Please consider giving to Melville-Knox Christian School in 2023. Even small contributions help us equip and run this school. 


  • £3 monthly towards IT subscriptions

  • £5 monthly towards teaching resource subscriptions

  • £5 monthly towards insurance costs

  • £10 monthly towards heating & maintenance

  • One-off donation towards staff laptops

  • One-off donation towards a projector

  • One-off donation towards initial IT set-up

  • Regular contributions towards a child's tuition fees

  • Any other donations & regular giving appreciated!

If you would like to give and support us this way in 2023, please contact for our bank details and further information. 


We are looking for volunteers who can regularly clean the school premises on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 

If you think you can support us in any other way, do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know! 

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