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Parents and Friends Association (PFA) 

The PFA participates in the management of the school by electing representatives onto the Board of Directors and the School Management Committee (SMC). It provides a platform for parents to ask questions and put forward ideas, questions, concerns and feedback regarding the school's running. The content of these discussions can then be conveyed to the Management Committee or the School Board through the elected representatives. 

All of the above is done with the main purpose of supporting the school and helping it develop and grow. 

Additionally, the PFA supports the school by providing information for parents, organising fundraising events for the school, organising (social) events for pupils/parents/friends/supporters. It aims to promote and give a good report of the school. 

The PFA is led by an elected committee and is supposed to meet at least 4 times a year. Representatives for the SMC and Board of Directors will be elected at their annual general meeting along with their Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. 

More details about the structure and roles of and in the PFA can be found in the information documents available to download on our useful documents page

If you want to join our PFA, you can do so by submitting the registration sheet to our administrator ( who will explain all the next steps to you. 

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