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The leadership of our School consists of the School Board and the School Management Committee (SMC). Below are listed the members of each body. If you would like someone to speak about the School, we would be happy to send one of these individuals to represent the School.

The School Board

Mr Donald MacKay (Chair)

Rev Timothy McGlynn

Rev Stephen McCollum

Mrs Janneke Fraser

Mr Benjamin Traynor (PFA Representative)


The School Management Committee 

Mrs Bronwyn Gers (Lead Teacher) 

Miss Svea Nöll (Secretarial Administrator) 

Mrs Sarah Traynor (PFA Representative)

Mr Donald MacKay 

Educational Advisor to Board & Staff

Mr John Noble

All members of the Board and the SMC need to be committed Christians and members of a Church. Representatives of the Parents & Friends Association (PFA) are elected annually and their appointment needs to be affirmed by the School Board. 

For an understanding about our organisational structure and the different committees please consult our constitution or take a look at this summarising document about the legal structure of Melville-Knox Aberdeen


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