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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Why Christian Education?

We believe that Christian education is essential in 21st Century Scotland. Below you will find a variety of links to articles and talks about the topic of raising children and educating them according to Scripture and why there is a need for Christian Schools in Scotland today. 

The Secretary of our School Board, Pastor John-William Noble, has preached at different conferences and written articles about the purpose and need for Christian Education in Scotland:

The Purpose of Christian Education, Servants of Grace, October 2020

Biblical Truth in Family, Parrēsia Conference 2022: 

John-William was also invited to speak at the 2022 Unite for Education Conference. Various talks about Christian Education in Scotland can be found here and on their website

Our partner school in Glasgow has posted a few articles on this on their blog written by one of their board members, Rev. Gavin Beers:

The Concept

The Command

The Conflict

To see other blog posts on this subject, please click here.

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