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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Why Christian Education?

We believe that Christian education is essential in 21st Century Scotland. Below you will find a variety of links to articles and talks about the topic of raising children and educating them according to Scripture and why there is a need for Christian Schools in Scotland today. 

The following video contains a lecture on Christian Education by the Rev. Kenneth Stewart, minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland in Stornoway, Scotland. The Rev Stewart, along time supporter of Christian Education and who was instrumental in the setting up of Providence Christian School in Stornoway, gave the lecture during the annual public meeting of Providence School on the 19th  of April 2024.

In the lecture, the Rev. Stewart masterfully weaves the Biblical, principled case for Christian education with the story of his family's experience of moving from a state school to a Christian school. This video is filled with hard-hitting truths and touching anecdotes, and it will leave you questioning your views about the practical and ethical necessity of a foundationally Christian education. We highly commend every visitor to this page to take the time to listen to the message in its entirety.

Our partner school in Glasgow has posted a few articles on this on their blog written by one of their board members, Rev. Gavin Beers:

The Concept

The Command

The Conflict

To see other blog posts on this subject, please click here.

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