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Education Scotland Inspection Report 2023

Our school was visited by a team of Education Scotland Inspectors in November 2023. You can find their full report on our school here: 

"The school curriculum has a strong emphasis on character education. This programme helps children develop successfully their knowledge of personal qualities to become responsible citizens with a firm sense of moral purpose."
"The lead teacher successfully implements a well-structured curriculum that includes well the vision and mission statement of Melville-Knox Christian School, Aberdeen. This approach results in a learning environment which provides a wide range of opportunities for children to learn and achieve."
"Children are proud of their school. They experience a trusting and caring ethos at Melville-Knox Christian School - Aberdeen, which supports children to develop new friendships and feel confident in the recently established learning environment."

Quality Indicators: 

  • Leadership and management of staff  - good

  • Learning, teaching and assessment - good

  • Curriculum - good

  • Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion - good

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