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Useful Documents

Find out about our values and policies by taking a look at these documents. 

This document outlines the main principles under which Melville-Knox operates. It gives a summary of what we aim to achieve for our pupils and wider community. 

This document gives information about what Melville-Knox Christian School teaches and how it may differ from other schools. 

Our discipline policy outlines the school's behavioural standards and how we enforce them in our classrooms. 

Our child protection policy ensures the safeguarding and protection of our pupils from potential threats to their emotional, spiritual or physical wellbeing. 

Melville-Knox approaches schooling as a partnership with parents. This document outlines basic parenting practices which will help their children's effective learning. 

Find out more about our school's structure and the role of the Parents and Friends Association. We expect parents to consider becoming part of the PFA as soon as they enrol their children. Other supporters are welcome to join. 

You can join by submitting the registration form to and our administrator will explain all the next steps to you. 

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