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Academic excellence with a Biblical worldview

Academic excellence


At Melville-Knox Schools we aim for the highest possible standards of education. Our aim is to employ teachers that are all of the finest calibre and registered through the General Teaching Council of Scotland. Our schools are committed to small class sizes to give extra focus to each individual pupil’s needs.

Bible-centred teaching


Since God created all things and all knowledge belongs to Him, our schools teach each subject on the curriculum from a Biblical perspective. Christianity affects the whole of life, including how we think and learn and so we teach how to love God with all the heart and mind.

Network of schools


Our school works in partnership with Melville-Knox Scotland to achieve the best in professional practice. It is their aim to develop schools across Scotland so that all parents can have the opportunity to send their child to a Melville Knox School.

Welcome to Melville-Knox Aberdeen

Melville-Knox Aberdeen aims to become the first Christian school in the North-East of Scotland. We plan to offer a thorough and excellent education that is based upon the Word of God and prepares children to serve God throughout all stages of life. Children need to learn Biblical wisdom, a quality that is desperately lacking in modern Scotland. Biblical wisdom is not just learning facts about the Bible, but learning how the Bible relates to all of life. Biblical wisdom bows before Christ in every subject of the curriculum. It honours Christ who is Lord of all of life. Our School seeks to consistently apply these principles throughout the whole curriculum to prepare our pupils to serve in His Kingdom.


Melville-Knox Christian School Aberdeen was formed in 2019 in partnership with Melville-Knox Christian Schools.

The school has been established with a very clear and Biblically robust constitution and the establishment of a school board of directors from Confessionally Reformed churches in the city. Our school has secured the premises of Grace Reformed Church as the location for the school to meet and has been granted registration as an independent school by Education Scotland.

Melville Knox Aberdeen Christian School will open on Monday 7th November 2022.

We are aiming to start with p
upils from Primary 1 to Primary 4 but will welcome applications of Primaries 5 to 7. This is an exciting and much-needed venture to provide high quality education within a Christian world view. So many people have prayed for this to become a reality in Aberdeen. Now your children can benefit from God-centred education at Melville-Knox Aberdeen.

Our school will be equipped to enrol up to 15 pupils due to the building specifications. For an information pack about the school and how to enrol please email:


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